Our Story

Hulsebosch Bloembollen B.V. was founded in 1952 by Wilhelmus Hulsebosch Sr. He moved from the center of Holland with his wife to start a bulb farm in the north. There he bought a small plot of land with an old farmhouse and from there he pioneered his way into the bulb industry.

They had two sons, Wilhelmus Jr. (Wim) and Herman, who grew up in the industry. At that time they were growing mainly tulips, crocuses and daffodils. During the slow season Wim went to visit family in the United States. There he met and married Debby. Debby moved to the Netherlands and has been running most of the office ever since. Wilhelmus Sr. stepped out of the firm in 1993, leaving the business to his sons who partnered together until 2010. Then Wim took over the company with his three sons, Roland, Ryan and Roy.

Since that time the company has expanded considerably. It produces now not only tulips, crocuses and daffodils but also hyacinths and lilies. The company farms some 200 hectares of bulbs each year. The bulbs are not only grown in the north of Holland but also in the south where the lily crop is grown and harvested.

The facility has grown from two working warehouses to a complex of five. One of the main focuses lies on sustainability. When the bulbs are harvested the waste is recycled in a new sustainable compost area. This is then redistributed into the fields. Hulseboch Bloembollen B.V. is one of the few farms in North-Holland that has this new modern system according to RUD (Regionale Uitvoeringsdienst Noord-Holland Noord) standards.

At the moment all three sons are full partners in the firm. With their new ideas and input they have brought the business into the 21st century using the latest technology. With this technology good quality bulbs are produced and delivered to clients throughout the world.

  • The beginning of Hulsebosch Bloembollen B.V.
  • The pioneer, Wilhelmus Sr. planting
  • Frans Langelaan and Herman Hulsebosch (1984)
  • Wilhelmus Jr. and Debby's father Steve
  • Middenvliet 19 around 1988
  • Wim and Herman 1990
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