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Hulsebosch presents new construction during open day on the 2nd of June – Published 28-05-2018  
Article by Hans Tesselaar regarding the open day and plans for the future with the recent business expansion. It mentions how the new building endorses smart and effective sustainable production. With the new building, the logistical problems of several locations have been solved and the storage and processing capacity have been greatly increased. Furthermore, the working conditions have been improved and great efforts have been made to limit the use of energy.

With the expansion, the products can be processed, stored and delivered under optimal conditions and circumstances and there is still room for further growth to be prepared for the future. Click on the heading to see the full article in Dutch.

Article Open Day

‘Dream compost becomes reality’ – Published 02-05-2018
Interview with Roland Hulsebosch for Greenity Magazine regarding thee major developments at Hulsebosch. One is the newly built warehouse in order to store all the products at one location. The second the construction of a completely new square where space had been made for a spraying area to collect residual liquids, and the third the redesign of the compost area.

Hulsebosch Bloembollen B.V. wanted, with sustainability in mind, to make their own compost. The article goes deeper into the process of making own compost and the design of the new area. The big advantage of self-composting is that the farmers have healthier, organic material to keep the humus percentage up to standard. In addition, no more expensive compost is needed. The plan has been thought through with the Regionale Uitvoeringsdienst (RUD) and successfully implemented.

De kop krijgt weer kleur

‘The North in color once again’ – Published 05-04-2018
Interview with Ryan Hulsebosch for Noord-Hollands dagblad. Ryan explains in the interview why there has been a delay in the blooming of the flowers in 2018. This was mainly due to the late frost at the end of February. He further explains that frost in January isn’t necessary a bad thing as the bulbs aren’t in full growth yet. Straw is used as a ‘blanket’ in order to protect the bulbs from the cold. Even though it’s a late season, nature always seems to recover itself in the end and the flowers bloom around the same time each year, at the end of April.

Amerikaanse Droom in Bollenvelden

‘American dream in bulb fields’ – Published 16-05-2016
Article with Roland and Roy Hulsebosch in Noord-Hollands Dagblad. The two brothers talk about how is was like growing up on the farm, where their future lies within the company and explain about the division of labor among the family members. Roland mentions that he used to have doubts weather or not to take over the business, whereas Roy already knew from a young age that he wanted to take over and prefers being his own boss. The division of labor is as follows; Roland does the trade and administration in the office. Roy is responsible for controlling the work in the warehouse and managing the planting stock. Their father Wim manages the personnel and the crop protection. Their cousin Sem does most of the land work and Ryan recently graduated and has only been back in the company for a few weeks. Eventually their father will leave the business and is preparing them for that stage. However, he will remain their advisor as they have learned everything they know through his experience and knowledge.

BV Article full

The Lentetuin: a good opportunity to test products’ – Published 24-02-2011
Interview with Roland Hulsebosch for Bloembollen Visie. In 2011 Hulsebosch presented itself for the first time at the Lentetuin, an annual flowershow in Breezand where bulb farmers present their best products in a beautiful stand in line with a specific theme which changes each year. Roland explains in the article that participation at the show is beneficial for a company’s brand awareness. He explains that the company will present itself with most of its assortment in order to give potential buyers a good overview on what it has to offer. There is also the possibility to win prizes at the show but Roland does not expect too much of its first year and would be satisfied with a beautiful stand where the bulbs are presented at just the right time of blooming.

Bloembollen Visie Roland

‘I talk a lot about it with my parents’ – Published 29-01-2009
Article with Roland Hulsebosch for Bloembollen Visie. Roland, then 23 years old, speaks about the fortunes of having an uncle and father with a fast-growing company to step into, but also the doubts and troubles which come with it. He explains about the ties the company, and the family, has with the USA and the opportunities of working there. He is the oldest of the next generation and thus the first to qualify for the business’s succession. The topic of running the company comes up often with his parents and at this stage he feels like he should make a decision for his future. However, he says “by the way I’m looking into things at the moment, you can be assured I will step into the company for good”. The doubts and troubles mostly come from the size of the company. A large company brings on a lot of responsibilities and a lot of overtime. It’s hard work, and you can’t afford to make many mistakes in this line of business.

Article Roland 2011

‘Young growers in the footsteps of their parents’ – Published 27-01-2011
Article with Roland Hulsebosch in Noord-Hollands Dagblad. The article digs deeper into the fact that going into the flower business requires courage, love for the profession, and confidence in the future.

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